Cancer: Does the Cure Lie Within the Incredible Human Body?

Thanks to www.free-hdwallpapers.com for the picture

Thanks to www.free-hdwallpapers.com for the picture

Well—here in Canada, spring is arriving and the daffodils have begun poking their heads toward the sun. It’s a joy to see these bursts of spring not just in people’s gardens, but also in flower shops, grocery stores, homes and offices, and (even) on people’s lapels.

Yes, that’s right: on people’s lapels. You see, here in Canada, daffodils not only signal spring, but also that the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual  Daffodil Campaign soon will be underway to raise money for cancer research and patient support. When the daffodils bloom, it’s Cancer Awareness Month in Canada

While cancer is in the spotlight here, it’s getting attention elsewhere, too. In the UK, April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, and Male Cancer Awareness Week is observed near the end of the month. In the USA, April 14 – 20 is National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, and April 15 – 21 is National Minority Cancer Awareness Week. In Australia, women are reminded to get a PAP test in April.

Obviously, cancer is on a lot of people’s minds this month, so we wracked our brains to see how we could best contribute, and we think we’ve hit on an idea that will both delight and inform you—and maybe, just maybe, inject a little hope that even the deadliest cancers can be beaten.

You see, we realized that we have had the great fortune to learn from and consult with one of Canada’s best when it comes to cancer treatment. He’s retired, now, but his work fascinates us and makes us think there is more to cancer treatment than surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

The thing is, he wasn’t an oncologist in a big university hospital. Heck! He wasn’t even an oncologist—just a country doctor practicing in a small town. But he wasn’t just any country doctor; he was a medical maverick who pushed the envelope for four decades. Rather than using standard treatments, he used an integrative approach that married the best of medical science with the best of nutritional science to turn on the incredible healing power of a patient’s own body.

If that’s not interesting enough, there’s more: You see, he treated the sickest of the sick—those patients whose oncologists had told them to go home and put their affairs in order. Among these seriously ill people:

  • A senior citizen with deadly pancreatic cancer metastasized to the liver; she recovered after about a year of intensive nutritional treatment and lived happy, healthy, and cancer-free for more than a decade before she died of unrelated causes
  • The son of a leading oncologist who had been told he had just weeks to live; our medical maverick used a targeted nutritional approach to turn this young man’s cancer around when modern treatments alone had failed

If ever someone learned how to Eat to Save Your Life, these patients did. Of course, they were under the care of a skilled practitioner with decades of clinical practice and intensive research behind him, but the fact is, they succeeded.

We sat down with this medical maverick just after he retired and asked him about his treatments. We wanted to know why he had a cure rate that ran in the 75% range despite the fact that many of the patients who sought his help were so, so ill.

In a nutshell, he said there are four key things that have to be done to give the body the best chance of mounting a life-saving defense:

1. Detoxify the patient

2. Oxygenate the cells

3. Monitor body pH

4. Turn on the healing power of enzymes

As he knew and his patients learned, it is possible to Eat to Save your Life.

But there’s a problem—a big problem: As most MDs will tell you, North America’s medical associations often deem the nutritional approach to be “using unproven methods.”

This means there hasn’t been much research focused on nutritional treatments, and the doctor who uses a nutritional approach that extends beyond the common but woefully vague admonishment to “eat properly” can be risking his or her medical license.

Combine that with the fact that medical schools offer limited (if any) training in nutritional science, and it just may not reasonable to expect your MD to advise you when it comes to effective nutritional options.

Unfortunately, at a time when patients are facing the most difficult time of their lives, it becomes necessary that they somehow muster the energy and the focus to advocate for themselves, do some of their own  research, and build a nutritional team who can augment what their MDs are trained and licensed to do.

Artist: Angelina Whittaker Cook

Artist: Angelina Whittaker Cook

And so, while the daffodils are blooming this month, let’s explore (in depth) the four key components of our medical maverick’s protocol outlined above, so you are in a better position to take control of your own health, and kick disease to the curb.

Next time, we’ll begin with Component 1: Detoxify the Patient.

Until then, here’s to vibrant health, Daffodil,

Gloria and Jerre


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    Whow this advise is incredible, must pass on to my family and friends. Thanks so much for the caring for all of us that you and Jerre do so gracefully and easy to understand,This is the first time I have gone onto the site . Love and thanks to both of you, Esther

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