ME/CFS, Part 3

cfsWe have fallen behind in developing and posting our blogs as we entered a new phase of video projects and radio broadcasts (which we will be posting as they are completed).

So, finally, this is our posting of the third and last of the three-part video interview with Dr. Eleanor Stein of Calgary, Canada concerning ME/CFS, FM, and MCS.  Click here to view the third part:   http://youtu.be/iruLzTM6brc .

If you missed the first or second part and want to see it now, click here http://youtu.be/b4YrpXvavWc or here http://youtu.be/0U4CBNwbW4s .

We wish everyone the best in dealing with these diseases,

Jerre Paquette, PhD

Gloria Askew, Retired Registered Nurse


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