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New and “Improved” Perverse Food

[Gloria and Jerre are happy to introduce Dr. Frank Springob, a natural health advocate and provider, as guest to our blog site. We encourage you to check out his book and his interesting energy work at  http://www.bugsinmybrain.com. We will be “sharing” blogs with Frank from time to time in the spirit … Continue reading


Food Fraud, A Serious Threat to Our Health

What do the following foods have in common?: Olive oil Lemon juice Pomegranate juice Tea Spices Milk Honey Coffee Syrup Seafood You might say, with the possible exception of syrup, that they’re all nutritionally good for you, yes? But food fraud scientists from the non-profit U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) discovered … Continue reading


The Devil’s in the Dietitian’s Details

Recently, we heard an interview with a registered dietician who was advising people on healthy snacks. She recommended three snacks, and we nearly blew a gasket by the time the interview ended. Here’s what she recommended: Homemade trail mix: roasted nuts, roasted seeds, boxed breakfast cereal, dried fruit Yogurt parfait: … Continue reading


Food and the Power of Marketing

Jerre’s teenage grandchildren visited him this week. Last summer, Jerre’s grandson copy-edited our book Eat to Save Your Life with skill and efficiency. He and his sister know a great deal about nutrition, and even chided Grandpa last week for having a bag of potato chips in the cupboard. That … Continue reading

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