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Here’s to Being a Fathead

If Someone Calls You a Fathead, That Could Be a Good Thing Throughout his career, Jerre has made a study of the human brain and learning. In fact, he has a PhD. in Learning Theory, and as far back as his teaching career goes, Jerre’s been active in ensuring that students … Continue reading


Breakfast Fuels the Brain

Classes started this month for thousands of students. For Jerre, this is the first year in 46 that he hasn’t headed for the classroom, too. He retired last year, so his students won’t hear his usual first-day-of-classes rant about nutrition, brain function, and grades. Instead, he’s going to rant here. … Continue reading


A Missing Link: Mental Health and Nutrition

Mental illness has a strong biological component—a chemical imbalance that affects the brain. Therefore, an effective treatment protocol must include nutrition that corrects that imbalance and supports the brain. Continue reading

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