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Cancer: Monitor Body Ph

                              As we turn the calendar from April to May, we discover that April is not the only month when national health promotion days focus on cancer. In the United Kingdom, May 13 – 19 is … Continue reading


Cancer: Seven Ways to Oxygenate Your Cells

Because April is Cancer Awareness Month in several countries, we’ve devoted a series of blogs this month to cancer—and especially to the work of one pioneering MD (now retired) who pushed the envelope of cancer treatment for four decades with astonishing success. Using techniques to support the amazing healing power … Continue reading


Cancer: How to Help the Body Detoxify

Last week, we introduced you to the ideas of an MD (now retired) who pushed the medical envelope for four decades to treat cancer patients. Long before there were clinics specializing in an integrative approach, he was including targeted nutrition (among other things) as part of his cancer treatment. In … Continue reading


Cancer: Does the Cure Lie Within the Incredible Human Body?

Well—here in Canada, spring is arriving and the daffodils have begun poking their heads toward the sun. It’s a joy to see these bursts of spring not just in people’s gardens, but also in flower shops, grocery stores, homes and offices, and (even) on people’s lapels. Yes, that’s right: on … Continue reading


You Don’t Have a Disease: You Have a Mental Disorder

We offer the first blog of the new year to alert our readers to a disturbing situation fueled by influential medical groups. As bizarre as what follows may sound, the danger is real and imminent. The American Psychiatric Association has proposed new criteria for diagnosing an umbrella disease called “Somatic … Continue reading

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