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You Don’t Have a Disease: You Have a Mental Disorder

We offer the first blog of the new year to alert our readers to a disturbing situation fueled by influential medical groups. As bizarre as what follows may sound, the danger is real and imminent. The American Psychiatric Association has proposed new criteria for diagnosing an umbrella disease called “Somatic … Continue reading


Food and the Power of Marketing

Jerre’s teenage grandchildren visited him this week. Last summer, Jerre’s grandson copy-edited our book Eat to Save Your Life with skill and efficiency. He and his sister know a great deal about nutrition, and even chided Grandpa last week for having a bag of potato chips in the cupboard. That … Continue reading


What Size Smoothy Would Jesus Have Ordered?

Over a space of 1000 years and 52 depictions of the Last Supper, the ratio between painted head sizes and painted food items have increased significantly. Main dishes have increased almost 70%; a loaf of bread 23%, and plate sizes 66%. Continue reading

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