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A New Beginning

Hello and welcome to the official nutrition blog of Eat to Save Your Life. We’re Gloria Askew, RRN (Retired Registered Nurse, although she’s hardly retired!) and Jerre Paquette, PhD, a teacher and professor of English and Film Studies for some 46 years. He’s hardly retired, as well. Gloria started out … Continue reading


What Size Smoothy Would Jesus Have Ordered?

Over a space of 1000 years and 52 depictions of the Last Supper, the ratio between painted head sizes and painted food items have increased significantly. Main dishes have increased almost 70%; a loaf of bread 23%, and plate sizes 66%. Continue reading


Meet Gloria and Jerre

That’s the two of us over there to the left—Gloria Askew and Jerre Paquette; we admit to being a bit nervous about this, our first blog. We simply want to share with you all we’ve learned about nutrition, food, and the politics of health and wellness linked to them. Our … Continue reading


Vitamin D Sources, Part 2: Food

What are the best sources of Vitamin D? In Part 1, we explained why the sun is the best source. But we also revealed problems you might have in getting enough sunshine to enable your body to make vitamin D: You may live above 37 degrees latitude, you may be … Continue reading


VITAMIN D SOURCES, Part 3: Supplements

Our previous blogs about vitamin D sources explained the advantages of sun, along with some warnings; food options, with a caveat about mercury in fish; and the wrong form of vitamin D in most fortified foods. Now, let’s have a close look at manufactured vitamin D supplements. Continue reading

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