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Missed: The Connection Between Mental Illness and Poor Nutrition

  “It’s a travesity!” That was Gloria’s take on Bell Media’s “Let’s Talk Day” on February 12th. It’s a day that Bell Media sets aside to raise awareness and encourage dialogue about mental health. Bell donated five cents for every long distance call, text, tweet, and Facebook share sent that day. … Continue reading


You Don’t Have a Disease: You Have a Mental Disorder

We offer the first blog of the new year to alert our readers to a disturbing situation fueled by influential medical groups. As bizarre as what follows may sound, the danger is real and imminent. The American Psychiatric Association has proposed new criteria for diagnosing an umbrella disease called “Somatic … Continue reading


A Missing Link: Mental Health and Nutrition

Mental illness has a strong biological component—a chemical imbalance that affects the brain. Therefore, an effective treatment protocol must include nutrition that corrects that imbalance and supports the brain. Continue reading

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