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Heart-Felt Sweet For My Sweet

What do Valentine’s Day and cardiovascular health have in common? Well, both have obvious connections to matters of the heart, but there’s something else: Both can be improved with chocolate. If you’ve been paying attention to medical news over the past few years, you’ll know that chocolate is being touted … Continue reading


The Devil’s in the Dietitian’s Details

Recently, we heard an interview with a registered dietician who was advising people on healthy snacks. She recommended three snacks, and we nearly blew a gasket by the time the interview ended. Here’s what she recommended: Homemade trail mix: roasted nuts, roasted seeds, boxed breakfast cereal, dried fruit Yogurt parfait: … Continue reading


Food and the Power of Marketing

Jerre’s teenage grandchildren visited him this week. Last summer, Jerre’s grandson copy-edited our book Eat to Save Your Life with skill and efficiency. He and his sister know a great deal about nutrition, and even chided Grandpa last week for having a bag of potato chips in the cupboard. That … Continue reading

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