Choosing Supplements


Variety of Supplements
Variety of Supplements

If you wish to achieve optimal nutritional status and the lifestyle that goes with it, we think there are four steps important for you to follow. Here they are:

Step 1: Build A Nutritional Foundation

Don't start your journey with nutritional supplements.

First, you need nutritious food on your plate. Fill half your plate with colorful vegetables, one quarter of your plate with lean protein, and the last quarter of your plate with certified organic whole grains or legumes. Top it off with a little healthy fat, add some fresh fruit for dessert, and you're on your way to building a solid nutritional foundation.

Second, stay out of the Nutritional Void©. In general, that means avoiding all those popular, heavily refined, junk foods and bad fats.

Third, start looking for the most totally terrific supplements you can find. Too many of us are happy to add supplements, say a multi-vitamin, to our eating regimen while not committing to changing our basic, habitual diets. That will keep you trapped in the Nutritional Void©.

Another problem that blows Gloria and Jerre away is that people will spend more time researching a garburator or television than they spend researching the supplements they put in their mouths.

It's increasingly well known that a combination of nutrient-dense foods (most likely certified organic, and grown in nutrient-rich soil) and totally terrific supplements can be the best and cheapest health insurance you can buy.

But, you may ask, why take supplements if you’re already eating good foods? The short answer is that it is not easy to consistently purchase certified organic foods. We explain why in some detail in Eat to Save Your Life.

Your Foundational Supplements

Meanwhile, until the whole food industry focuses on soil building and nutrition building to accomplish human building, we believe supplementation is necessary. Start with the following Foundational Supplements:

  • A totally terrific multi-supplement containing vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients
  • A totally terrific EFA supplement

You should know, though, that only a few companies produce totally terrific supplements—the trick is finding them. Before you buy, be sure to ask some hard questions of the manufacturers. Eat to Save Your Life will help you do that.

Step 2: Know Yourself

Women, men, seniors, youth, and children have characteristics or experience circumstances unique to their respective age and gender. After establishing the Foundational Supplements, some individuals may require something more. For example, women may need black cohosh for menopause issues or calcium-magnesium with vitamin D and other nutrients to help protect against osteoporosis.

Men may need saw palmetto with nettle root for prostate and urinary health.

Seniors may want ginseng with gingko biloba to help increase oxygen flow to the brain or cetylated esters for inflammatory conditions.

Youth may require extra vitamin C with bioflavonoids for hormonal and immune help.

Step 3: Determine Genetic Predisposition

Since the completion of the Human Genome Project, science has the ability to determine whether you have genes (your DNA) that increase your predisposition to specific diseases.

From this science, a new field of health has emerged—Nutrigenomics, the science of linking or targeting specific nutrients to people with specific gene problems. Targeting nutrients is not new (the American Heart Association has long recommended fish-oil supplements to those at risk of heart disease). What is new is the increasing precision and confidence with which nutrients and potential health problems can be linked.

Companies such as Interleukin Genetics Inc. are already providing health advice based on their testing of an individual’s DNA.The costs are surprisingly low, even at this early stage of nutrigenomics. And it’s easy—you request a test package from the company, a kit arrives at your home, you swab your own mouth for DNA material, and mail the package back. In a reasonably short time, results of your DNA test are sent to you, along with advice about nutritional supplements you may require if a genetic fault was revealed. It’s almost like being part of a CSI television show.

Step 4: Identify The Totally Terrific Brands

Armed with knowledge about supplements that will meet your personal needs, you can now begin your search for the best brands. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad supplements on the market, so arm yourself with a set of clear questions you can ask when you purchase. For those questions and a complete discussion on the nature of Totally Terrific Supplements, read our book Eat to Save Your Life.

Freaky Fact

"Under current law, a vitamin marketed as natural only has to contain 10% of genuinely natural, plant-derived ingredients—the other 90% of ingredients can be synthetic. If a product contains even 1 carbon atom, it can legally be called 100% organic." (p. 16)

Clement, R. Brian, Supplements Exposed, New Page Books, Franklin Lakes, N.J., 2010

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